We have a simple and transparent pricing policy:
2/3 of the price go to the photographer - 1/3 is for crowdfoto.

  • Price

    € 30/photo
  • buy the right to use
  • exclusively
  • without expiry
  • Make a Briefing

  • no lookalikes
  • no worrying about finding the same picture published in another country or for another industry: you are the only one who gets the right to use it and similar submissions will be eliminated.
  • Earnings

    € 20 minimum
  • transfer the right to use
  • grant exclusivity
  • grant it forever
  • Check Briefings

  • some briefings offer a higher price
    look out for "fixed price" in briefings.
  • Turndown Earning Potential
    when a photo does not fit the clients' needs and is not very similar to the one the client bought, crowdfoto may put it into the portfolio for other clients to buy. thus you may earn a little even with turndowns.